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A sydneysider with a very beautiful heart. Syd is a little bit in bloglove.

Anthroposophical musings


An intruigung sign spotted on Sussex Street

Their website doesn’t explain a great deal more

an·thro·pos·o·phy  [an-thruhposuh-fee] –noun

a philosophy based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) which maintains that, by virtue of a prescribed method of self-discipline, cognitional experience of the spiritual world can be achieved.

I hardly even know myself


Walking up one of Sydney’s streets I spotted this sign. It was an invite on behalf of the Church of Scientology. Interesting recruitment method, bringing in people clearly unsure as to who they are and therefore likely to be fairly easy to manipulate. Or am I being cynical?

Old and new Sydney


I’m on the lookout for old and new sitting together like kissing cousins.

These signs are on the opposite sides of the road and are nice to see as – so often in Sydney – the past is torn away.

The noble and beautiful art of cut and paste

The noble and beautiful art of cut and paste! Indeed. It is often quoted that there are no new ideas, which clearly is bunkum (ed?) as we see new ideas constantly, or at the very least variations upon a theme. Yes, that fits better doesn’t it, variations on a theme. It takes the pressure off the creative mind, alows creamy thoughts to be churned like butter. Artistic variations in the key of D (d for dats all folks their ain’t no new ideas but momma still loves you)

In the face of all this, check 


Forged Banksy – a word from the wise

Received this ealier today…


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to our attention that a number of forged Banksy prints are currently in circulation. These include ‘Rude Copper’, ‘Laugh Now…’, ‘Happy Choppers’, ‘Girl With Balloon’ and ‘I Fought The Law’. They are screenprinted, numbered and embossed with a replica POW stamp.

The forged prints have been allocated print numbers registered to specific retailers that POW supplied some years ago and are sold alongside bogus receipts from these retailers. Only a handful of these have so far come to our attention and they are easily identified as fake by anyone familiar with POW products, but please be aware that buying prints on the secondary market at bargain prices should be undertaken with extreme caution.

We have passed this matter onto the relevant authorities and are, as always, happy to check the provenance of your print if you contact the office.



How I learned to stop worrying and just stop smoking


After extensive cutting and pasting I came to the conclusion that there was no right or wrong way to quit smoking and that every person has different needs. My key concerns were:

  • Detoxing and flushing out the nicotine as quickly as possible
  • Dealing with the munchies, increased appetite and consequently weight gain
  • Having something to do with my hands
  • Stopping myself going mental

biggerpromo-thirstaid.jpg                                    ooce_lg.gif

To combat these I have:

  • Consumed at least 3 litres of water a day
  • Stopped caffeine consumption
  • Gone a bit mental
  • Eaten loads of vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Taken Cortitrim 3 times a day
  • Slept well

Most of these items are obvious, Cortitrim is detailed below…



This complementary medicine is used to:

* Aid or assist the body to adapt and cope with stressful situations and the effects of emotions, biological and environmental stress.
* Aid in the management stress hormone levels
* Assist with weight loss and weight management in conjunction with a diet and exercise program.
* Reduce calorie intake by suppressing the appetite.
* Regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat.
* Improve physical and mental performance.
* Aid fat loss and promotes lean body mass, improving body composition.
* Improve energy levels and vitality in times of fatigue exhaustion tiredness
* Provide nutritional support for those embarking on an exercise and diet program
* Provide an antioxidant action

How does CortiTrim work?
Siberian Ginseng and Ashwagandha are adaptogenics, or anti-stress herbs, which exhibit an extraordinary capacity for enhancing our adaptive responses by exerting a non specific normalizing effect on our bodies. Adaptogenics can prevent stress from taking such a toll on our nervous, immune and hormonal systems. They promote adaptability to all types of stress, including environmental and emotional. Green Tea, Siberian Ginseng, and Withania assist physical fitness by improving physical performance, energy level by reducing fatigue tiredness and exhaustion that might be experienced during times of stress or strenuous diet and exercise programs. Cortitrim also contains B-complex and Chromium to aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, improve body composition and assist in fat loss and to help nutritional support during a low calorie diet program.

What results can I expect from Cortitrim?
Although results will vary from person to person due to metabolic and hormonal factors, when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise Cortitrim may help reduce overall stress levels in as little as a few days, a visible reduction in belly fat within four to six weeks, and significant results within three months.

Sydney characters 001


When you’re out and about in Sydney you see all sorts don’t you!

This fine and handsome gentleman was secretly snapped on the corner of Kent and Druitt.

Notice the fetching ensemble featuring; womens brown dress, dressing gown and blue scarf wrapped around the head.

Sydney, the ever gorgeous Zeta bar


Zeta Bar is always a pleasure and never a chore. Following the Food and Drinks Festival in Hyde Park we made our way to Zeta Bar for complimentary tapas and a glass of sangria. This was followed by many jugs of sangria, in the sunshine and complemeted by some great live music. A perfect summer afternoon.


Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney. (aka The Hilton Sydney)


Support when quitting smoking


I signed up to the Nicotinell active stop programme which looked really good. When my quit day approached it warned me that is was going to ask which nicotinell product I was going to be using. I decided to make a clean break and end my nicotine addiction as quickly as possible and therefore chose not to use nicotine replacement but was happy to continue with their philanthropic support programme. As it turned out they cut me off on day two. No nicotine product, no support. Not even a goodbye.

Does Nicotinell want to help us to quit or does it want to continue to enslave us with nicotine under a smokefree disguise?

A wolf in sheeps clothing, nothing more, nothing less.

 I am on Day 16 as a non smoker.