Hello. What do you want?



What do you want? We mean ‘really’ want?

You can make up lists asking the universe for every little thing your heart desires but what is it that you truly want?

This is the one thing that you really, really want. Above all other things. Got it?

If you don’t know what you want then you’re likely to find inspiration here. It’s ok to take a sneaky peak, it’s inspiring. Just imagine, after exploring the site you might see an I WANT that strikes a cord, that sets wheels in motion. This can change the course of your life. Grand claims indeed, but just imagine you discover that one thing that you truly, truly, above all other things, want.

We’re here to help and you never know, we might help you get what you want if we think you want it hard enough.

Submitting your Want is really simple. Head on over to the ‘I WANT ‘ page and enter your ‘I WANT’ along with an image that best represents it (creativity is life). Also add a short description telling us (and the rest of the world) why you want, what you want. You might just find that you’re not the only person in the world wanting what you want. No matter how strange it is! But then again you might, and this is what will make getting what you want a reality.

There’s a few ways to explore other I WANT’s.

1. You’ve seen or heard about an I WANT, use the search feature found to the top right of every page.

2. You want to search by topic or type (wealth, health etc) use the category search found at the bottom of every page.

3. You find an I WANT you like, click on the tags (found at the bottom of the post) to find similar I WANTS.

4. Last, but far from least, look through all of those I WANT’s that won’t fit on the daily updated homepage. These are carefully filed away by hot librarians in the Archives found to the right of every page. Pick your month and view the lot!

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