Australian Design Awards – In Sydney


ON NOW…at The Powerhouse Museum

A waterless urinal, a candelabra and a clever peg are just a few of the everyday objects that are amongst the finalists at this year’s Australian Design Awards.

Many of the objects in this year’s selection are domestic products used every day including a state-of-the-art stroller, kettle, blender, car and bike light, all of which have improved on the design of their predecessors.

Other products show an interest in social, health and environmental concerns.  One outstanding product is the SolarScan that assists with the early detection of melanoma (skin cancer).  This product is also the recipient of the inaugural Powerhouse Museum Design Award, given to a design that has the potential to make a significant improvement to the quality of health, wellbeing or the environment.

Other clever designs showing in the Australian Design Awards exhibition are the Optalert glasses which provide early warning of driver drowsiness; the Frogmouth Filter, a self-cleaning low maintenance water filter for urban rainwater tanks; and a high performance pulley block for use in small racing sailboats.

Designer’s market

young_blood-title.gif 7th / 8th December 2007

Young Blood: Designers Market is apparently a “showcase Australia’s best and brightest designers”. Could be brilliant, could be like drunk shopping in Ikea.