Sculpture By The Sea 2008 – call for entries

Sculpture by the Sea 

Calling for 2008 Entries

Artists are invited to submit entries by 7 April, 2008 for pre-selection in the twelfth annual Sculpture by the Sea to be staged along the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama in Sydney, Australia from 16 October – 2 November, 2008. 


• The Sculpture by the Sea Prize of $30,000 (non acquisitive)

• Assistance to all artists of at least $2,000 (please see p2 for details)

 Site Specific Subsidies of $3,000 for 4 artists

• An estimated 500,000 visitors across 3 weeks

• Substantial sculpture sales

• The Clitheroe Foundation Mentor Program

• Return economy class airfares to Sydney for 8 interstate artists

• Return economy class airfares to Sydney for 8 overseas artists

• More than 100 sculptures by Australian and overseas artists 

All types, forms and sizes of sculpture in all materials are eligible for entry to Sculpture by the Sea. The exhibition site can accommodate the largest to the smallest sculpture, however when submitting works artists are required to consider safety, ease of installation and removal, the environment and the ability of their work to withstand sun, extremely strong wind, rain, salt spray and playful children.

Waverley Council authorises Sculpture by the Sea Incorporated (SXSInc) to stage the exhibition on the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. Please note that works that are considered by SXSInc or Waverley Council to be unsafe will be ineligible.

Waverley Council is committed to maintaining and supporting events that include participation from the broader community and are not discriminatory or offensive in any way.Sites are available along the coastal walk from Tamarama Park to the steps at the end of Notts Avenue, including Tamarama Beach and Café; rock platforms; garden beds; cliff tops; the park areas at Tamarama and Marks Park; and the sea.

Please note, artists wishing to install sculptures in the sea are required to complete a further agreement to meet additional safety and installation requirements. The essence of the agreement to exhibit in the sea is that the artist is responsible for the installation of their work; its maintenance and removal at short notice in the event of forecasted big seas. 

The only restrictions on sites are for public, environmental and sculpture safety reasons. To the extent possible these have been indicated on the enclosed map and include:

• unsafe distances from the cliff’s edge (approximately 3 metres);

• rock overhangs above the walkway;

• next to the narrower parts of the walk;

• rock platforms exposed to the surf;

• next to or on the Aboriginal rock carvings; and

• works which incorporate fire or loud amplified sound. 

Where feasible, artists are encouraged to propose three sites for their sculpture by marking and describing their preferred sites, in order of preference, on the enclosed map. For local artists, if possible please submit a photo of each site with your entry. Artists whose works are chosen for exhibition will be notified by 23 April 2008. Site meetings will be held to discuss site selection, construction and installation for available artists. Regional and interstate artists are encouraged to attend if possible. Please indicate your preferred site meeting time on the entry form. Following pre-selection, selected artists will be contacted to confirm meeting times.

Where pre-selected artists are unable to attend site meetings the Site Curators will discuss site and installation matters with the artist by email or telephone. Following a meeting between the Head Curator and Waverley Council some artists may be required to provide additional information, such as engineering reports, prior to their work being approved. These artists will be notified by the Head Curator and will be required to submit additional information by 25 July 2008. Final site selection for all sculptures in the exhibition is the decision of the Head Curator. THERE IS MUCH MORE INFORMATION FROM THE SCULPTURE BY THE SEA DOWNLOADABLE FORM

Disruptive Colouration


12 Feb 08 – 15 Mar 08

Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm
Gallery Barry Keldoulis

Opening Gallery Barry Keldoulis’s new warehouse-conversion space this February, Cordeiro & Healy’s Disruptive Colouration…
 Explores consumerism across time and space. Looks great!! Young Street, Waterloo 02 8399 1240