Kill Pixie


I assume you’re aware of Kill Pixie if you take even a passing interest at dustbins and seedy corners of seedy buildings, just in case…

 This was snapped at the end of Riley Street close to William Street and a hop skip and a jump from The Lord Roberts which does any schooner for $3.50 on a Saturday and fish and chips for $6. It’s also got a beer garden upstairs and the staff – whilst they ain’t pretty – are brilliant. A great Saturday boozer.

This could be interesting…


Syd will sit, wait and watch you both Tony Larson & Paul Nett, if in fact those are your real names….

Stupid Krap that I really, really want…


Apart from being the most amazing online shop, what is stupid krap?   

STUPIDKRAP.COM is an artist-run portal and on-line store, featuring EXCLUSIVE limited-edition high-quality art prints and collectables, by your favorite underground artists. STUPIDKRAP.COM is a registered business owned and operated by artist Madeleine Boyd 


Some of the current artists, whose work is for sale for as little as 75 bucks… 

Trent Whitehead
Trent ‘Burger’ Whitehead is a Sydney based painter, illustrator and designer. His evocative and endearing images are characteristically painted directly on to wood panels and cut-outs.
His works have been exhibited in galleries all over Australia. Recent exhibitions include WATIM 12×12 (, GAS with Doze Green and a custom wall piece for the Oxford Art Factory.

25 year old EAMO is an illustrator and artist from Melbourne. He has worked for magazines and companies such as:
J Mag,  IsNotMagazine, Golden Plains Music Festival, Rip Curl, Redbull Music Academy, Riot, Lifelounge, Don’t Panic, Monument and Owl Movement (U.S.) EAMO has exhibited in Sydney and Portland.
EAMO artwork has a uniquely home-grown authentic aussie-pop feel. The soft tonal colours reflect those of the australian landscape. His subjects are core australian cultural icons like the surf lifesaver, humphrey bear and the underlying poetry of the quintessentially ocker bloke.

BEASTMAN is a twenty something year old artist, designer, photographer and all-round creative type person raised in the hills of Sydney. He likes to ride his skateboard on the streets, eat chocolate, bong on, chill out, sleep in, listen to music, read magazines, watch movies and TV, surf the net, hang with Jac and the Turd Ferguson, draw and paint pictures, and capture moments in time with his Nikon FM2.
BEASTMAN is also the founder, editor and designer of online publication [weAREtheIMAGEmakers] –

Jeremyville has been in shows in Colette Paris, Reed Space gallery New York and Tokyo, Mondo Pop Italy, Bunkamura Tokyo, Tiger Translate Beijing, MTV Milan, Studio Camufo Venice, Semi Permanent Sydney, Vallery in Barcelona, Exposure Gallery London, Gallery 1988 LA, and has an upcoming solo show at Artoyz in Paris. Jeremyville’s work has appeared in art books by Taschen, IdN,  Victionary, Pictoplasma, Die Gestalten Verlag, and magazines such as Swindle, Faesthetic, Monster Children, Nylon, Dazed and Confused, Refill 7, Territory, Oyster, IdN, Vapors, Juxtapoz, and many more.

Sydney artist Numskull’s background is in graffiti, stencils and street art. His latest work has seen him progress into the use of oil paints, illustration and screen-printing, making his work highly collectable.
He exhibited as a feature artist at the Sydney Stencil Festival in 2006 and just recently finished a successful solo show at China Heights Gallery in Surry Hills titled “Numskull’s Friday the 13th”. He has also been featured in publications such as YEN, Without Reason, Sydney Morning Herald and The Brag.

Kill Pixie
Developing his craft in the city, this former street artist has made an astounding transition to softer mediums. His delicate line work and masterful use of colour through ink, watercolour and acrylic communicate beautifully through his choice of canvas – mostly paper or resinated hand-made wooden boxes. His pattern work is unorthodox and abstract yet strikes a schizophrenic harmony with his longing and respect for space. Embedded with symbols and life experiences the work is often a suggestion what could have been. He presents a prophecy for an abstracted, urban version of folk art.

Anthony Lister
Lister graduated from Queensland College of Art in 2001, shortly after, he went to New York and worked under the mentorship of New Zealand painter Max Gimblett. Recently, he undertook a research residency in Berlin, and his travels have extended him to take part in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Anthony Lister currently lives and paints in New York City.
 Ben Frost
Ben Frost’s work fuses logos, comic book characters and corporate mascots together into sometimes irreverent yet always playful statements on the nature of today’s society. He has worked and exhibited in Japan, Europe and across the USA.  Frost’s work has appeared in many magazines such as Vogue, Australian Art Collector and Harper’s Bazarre; and his commissioned work includes Nokia, Mambo, Tiger Beer, Livid and Warner Records.

Simon Lovelace at Blank Space


New works by Simon Lovelace

Thursday 27th Feb – Wednesday 5th March

Niagra hits Sydney

think dirtyniagra inviteI know nothing

Niagra hits Sydney, check out Outre Gallery for details…

Disruptive Colouration


12 Feb 08 – 15 Mar 08

Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm
Gallery Barry Keldoulis

Opening Gallery Barry Keldoulis’s new warehouse-conversion space this February, Cordeiro & Healy’s Disruptive Colouration…
 Explores consumerism across time and space. Looks great!! Young Street, Waterloo 02 8399 1240

Sydney art – gypsy taylor at blank space