Sydney screenwriters


Do I have to be a screenwriter to enter?
Absolutely not! No experience necessary, just a good idea with an unexpected ending in less than 200 words.Oh, and you must be over 18, but you shouldn’t be here if you’re not!
Who is judging the ideas?
There are two rounds of judging. All the initial 200 word entries will be read by a group of professional script-readers, writers, directors or producers. They will gradually get the list down to eight finalists.The final eight screenplays will be judged by a panel of well-known industry professionals. We are just getting this group together so we’ll let you know who they are shortly.
Why is Jameson doing this?
Jameson Whiskey is involved with film in lots of different countries, sponsoring the Tribeca, Dublin and Toronto film festivals, amongst many others. In 2008 Jameson became the official spirit of Tropfest.To build on this association with film in Australia Jameson wanted to offer a prize that would inspire anyone with a good idea, whilst highlighting the usually forgotten role of screenwriters. We want to demonstrate that we are serious about supporting the independent film community by providing the money and opportunity to get your film idea made.
Who is John Jameson Productions?
JJP is a subsidiary of Jameson Whiskey in Australia, established to facilitate this screenwriting competition. It is not an actual film production company. It is the name given to the group of people who are supervising the competition and then bringing the team together to produce the films.
Are the ideas for advertising?
Yes and no. There is no requirement to feature a bottle of Jameson or the logo in your film idea. The only requirement is an unexpected ending. In fact JJP would like these films to go on and be a success in their own right outside of any marketing uses.However, Jameson Whiskey does want to be able to show the films anywhere it sees fit for marketing/advertising purposes and they will always be attributed to JJP.
Where will the films be shown?
This is yet to be finalised. But there are a number of potential distribution channels: At film festivals in Australia and hopefully abroad too. Certainly online, perhaps on TV or in Cinemas, perhaps on promotional or retail DVDs. Even potentially on mobile phones or other mobile devices.
Who owns the copyright?
Always a tricky issue! We are asking in the terms and conditions that during this competition, any ideas you submit are exclusive to this competition. If you do not get picked as a finalist you can do with your idea whatever you please.Finalists, we again ask that while your screenplays are being judged, you do not send them to anyone else. At the appropriate time, the winners will be required to sign a contract with the various parties involved in making the films, to define exactly who owns what and with what rights. As the writer you will be involved in the production of the film, working with the director and producer.
Who is producing the films?
Under the name of John Jameson Productions there will be a number of people and companies involved with production the 3 winning films. Including, but not limited to a Director, an Executive Producer and a post-production house.
How far does $20,000 go?
It sounds like a lot, but in the world of film it doesn’t last long! We are not producing Batman or Lord of the Rings here so be mindful in your submission of critical elements that are clearly over the top.”Open on 3 helicopters over the Olympic Games” for instance will not get far.
What is not acceptable?
Although Jameson wants to give you as much creative flexibility as possible, there are certain common-sense issues that will not be acceptable. Under-age drinking or anything to do with glamorising alcohol consumption will not be short-listed.
Similarly, we want these films to be acceptable to the general 18+ audience, so anything X or R rated or with excessive violence or unacceptable language will probably not get through.

My Sydney Now


My Sydney now invites you to add your photograph to the online exhibition through the community and photo-sharing website Flickr. The competition runs until 15 February 2008.

In the final months of the exhibition 20 finalists will be exhibited on a screen at the Museum of Sydney and the first three winning images chosen by the judges will also be made as prints to hang at the Museum of Sydney.

How to enter

1. Take a photo Go along to the exhibition Sydney Now to see the standard

2. Create a Flickr account.

3. Join the MySydneyNow Flickr group. Once you have a Flickr account, join Flickr group MySydneyNow

4. Upload your photo Add your photo to the MySydneyNow Flickr group through your browser, by email or in a number of other ways. Photos must be uploaded in jpg format, at least 1024 pixels on the longest side. If you become a finalist they’ll contact you to get a high res version for printing, preferably at A2 size (7016 x 4961).

5. Tag your photo Tag your photo with ‘MySydneyNow’ and add it to the map.

6. Fill in the entry formĀ 

Easy as that…