I want…the only way to get hit by lightening is to go walking in thunderstorms

I’ve asked the universe for a series of things that ‘I want’. These range from uneccesary items like cars to fulfilling deep held desires, such as creating a film, doing more creative work and doing a voiceover. Now, assuming that a hand doesn’t reach through a cloud and pass it to me I will have to make these things happen for myself. For each of the ”I want” items I am going to track my progress as to how I go about achieving these…

I want to shake, shake, shake, the ketchup bottle, first a little and then a lottle

I want the world…and some toast

I want to talk about film with someone who knows…

I want to find a treasure map and go on an adventure

I want to be the voice of a cartoon character

I want to do a documentary about Sydney’s odd characters

I want, to want, to read more classic books

I want to go into the desert and look at the Milky Way

I want to finish writing Joglatts Cave