The five stages of innovation

1. People deny that the innovation is required.
2. People deny that the innovation is effective.
3. People deny that the innovation is important.
4. People deny that the innovation will justify the effort required to adopt it.
5. People accept and adopt the innovation, enjoy its benefits, attribute it to people other than the innovator, and deny the existence of stages 1 to 4.

©AC 2005. Inspired by Alexander von Humboldt’s ‘Three Stages Of Scientific Discovery’, as referenced by Bill Bryson in his book, ‘A Short History Of Nearly Everything’.


You can give up smoking – Day 24


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Daily Bridge 18.03.08

Up early…


Kill Pixie


I assume you’re aware of Kill Pixie if you take even a passing interest at dustbins and seedy corners of seedy buildings, just in case…

 This was snapped at the end of Riley Street close to William Street and a hop skip and a jump from The Lord Roberts which does any schooner for $3.50 on a Saturday and fish and chips for $6. It’s also got a beer garden upstairs and the staff – whilst they ain’t pretty – are brilliant. A great Saturday boozer.

Jameson Films – idea two


Film Competiton – Idea Two 

Deep beneath the city is an old river, older than memory, it is memory. 

Story focuses on a small group of urban explorers. This group find their way into  places that they’re not meant to be. A montage of shots establishes that they know what they’re doing. During an urban exploration trip they find a cave-in and a crystal clear river running through a small cave.

Urban explorer [John] drinks from the river and within minutes is doubled up in pain. The pain stops as quickly as it arrives and Jane reaches to lift him. When they touch there is an invisible exchange, hands clasp and they are pushed away from each other. John has absorbed all of Jane’s thoughts and memory, leaving her with no memory.  

In secret, John gathers memories (we get flashbacks into their lives), leaving a trail of memory-less people in his wake until he touches a severely disabled man (like Stephen Hawkins) on a tube who has the most extraordinary mind but is unable to communicate it. He takes on all of his memory and tells the world his secret gift; he is kidnapped, experimented on and ultimately left in a cell to go insane. 

Jameson Films – idea one


Film Competition – Idea One 

A young girl is found screaming at the bottom of a well and is rescued by a young woman. The girl cannot remember who she is or where she is from, an instant bond is formed. The girl shows her a world she had always overlooked, the secrets of nature we overlook. Every day miracles.

The story gathers pace when the community take an interest in the young girl and both are taken for witches by the small minded locals. The woman professes their innocence before there is an impromptu execution of both the woman and the girl. The community returns to normal when strange things start happening, an old woman is possessed and starts talking like the young girl, fires start in cold food, children go blind and animals start to attack each other.

A young man is visited in a dream by the young woman and told to gather their ashes and spread them to the winds. He does. Evil stops happening. The field the ashes fall upon blossoms the next spring with the most amazing flowers. A child goes to pick a flower and is instantly stung by a group of bees. No one picks flowers any more. 

Cut to modern day and in between buildings there is a high wire fenced area, beyond is the garden of flowers, still the same, we see a young boy talking to a young girl who we don’t see, pan out and the girl is our young girl who runs off through the flowers…screen fades.

check mate

I love walking around the city and then coming across a scene like this that makes me feel like I’m in New York. This was on the way to distinctly Italian experience on Saturday in a pub on Stanley Street. There must have been three generations all betting on horses, I’m not a gambler but it was fun to watch.