Take your pick!The Nunnery Community Bike Workshop, at 40 Forbes St, Newtown, collects abandoned bikes and parts to create working bikes to put back into the community. This bikes are put together by you, the community, with help from others who come. It is also a place to fix up your bikes with the tools and parts available. Come and learn to fix bikes, show us how to fix bikes, fix your bike or a friend’s, or just come and have some tea and coffee. Everyone is welcome!

To see the latest happenings at the workshop, go to our Discussions and Events page.

A map is available at the Bikely website. Come around to the backyard where the co-op is being held.

We’re there every Monday evening. Opening times vary but we are usually open by 5pm. If you think you can open up bike club for us one Monday a month, please get in touch. We are usually closed by 9:30pm. Bike Club is outdoors, so keep this in mind if it looks like rain. If it’s raining, feel free to call us to see if we’re there. Same goes with long weekends.

Roster of openers and closers
Dave 9660 5660 opening and closing 1st monday each month
James 0422 684 236 opening and closing last monday each month
JP 0401 447 675 Opening every other monday
Jodie 0414596616 Closing every 3rd monday of each month
Maurice 0433 622 640 Closing every other monday

Tools, oil, WD40 and small donations are always welcome, but most of all, we’d like your company while fixing bikes and help keeping the workshop going. The first time you come please ask for detailed tour of how the place works and where stuff goes. After that we ask you spend 20 min maintaining the space every time you come. This labor share is what keeps bike club going. We gratefully take donated bikes and parts that are not going to be used, although some times we have too many. Give us a call and we’ll let you know. To donate a bike outside of Nunnery hours, just give us a call and we’ll tell you the combination to the bike lock on a pole next to the house and you can drop it off at any time.

We do not sell second hand bikes but we can help you find people that do, so feel free to ask. The main reasons we don’t are that we would rather have your help than your money and having some people as customers and some as bike sellers detracts from the community bike workshop.


Day of Week Every Monday!
Time 5 PM till 9:30 PM
Location Nunnery House Backyard (check out this map). 40 Forbes St Newtown. Be sure to check both the side double metal gates in Elvy Place and the back door in Forbes Lane to see which has been opened!


Maurice – 0433622640
JP – 0401447675
Or e-mail Maurice: mullets_for_freedom AAATTT YAAHOOO. COM. AU

Hope to see you there!