Forged Banksy – a word from the wise

Received this ealier today…


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to our attention that a number of forged Banksy prints are currently in circulation. These include ‘Rude Copper’, ‘Laugh Now…’, ‘Happy Choppers’, ‘Girl With Balloon’ and ‘I Fought The Law’. They are screenprinted, numbered and embossed with a replica POW stamp.

The forged prints have been allocated print numbers registered to specific retailers that POW supplied some years ago and are sold alongside bogus receipts from these retailers. Only a handful of these have so far come to our attention and they are easily identified as fake by anyone familiar with POW products, but please be aware that buying prints on the secondary market at bargain prices should be undertaken with extreme caution.

We have passed this matter onto the relevant authorities and are, as always, happy to check the provenance of your print if you contact the office.



Sydney street art


Scattered around the city you’ll find little pockets of creativity, some good, some poor, just as you would expect. Street/urban/contemporary art has become so fashionable off the back of the Melbourne scene and British artists like Banky or Frenchman Blek le Rat. The question I would ask myself when pouring countless hours into expertly tagging a wall is ‘who is watching? By this I don’t mean just the authorities, but who is your audience? This artistic exhibitionism goes beyond simply marking a territory, it is the artist saying, LOOK AT ME.

 If there is sufficient talent, creative execution and a touch of derring do, then these works could lead towards the fame and riches that have been thrust, I expect rather willingly, onto the likes of Banksy. What we now need is someone to step forward and carve out a new niche, taking the concept to the next level and innovating rather than immitating. If you want to live in a city that looks like Melbourne then I suggest you grab an umbrella and move there. Sydney needs its own creative explosion and I’m looking for that fuse…