Hello. What do you want?



What do you want? We mean ‘really’ want?

You can make up lists asking the universe for every little thing your heart desires but what is it that you truly want?

This is the one thing that you really, really want. Above all other things. Got it?

If you don’t know what you want then you’re likely to find inspiration here. It’s ok to take a sneaky peak, it’s inspiring. Just imagine, after exploring the site you might see an I WANT that strikes a cord, that sets wheels in motion. This can change the course of your life. Grand claims indeed, but just imagine you discover that one thing that you truly, truly, above all other things, want.

We’re here to help and you never know, we might help you get what you want if we think you want it hard enough.

Submitting your Want is really simple. Head on over to the ‘I WANT ‘ page and enter your ‘I WANT’ along with an image that best represents it (creativity is life). Also add a short description telling us (and the rest of the world) why you want, what you want. You might just find that you’re not the only person in the world wanting what you want. No matter how strange it is! But then again you might, and this is what will make getting what you want a reality.

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I want to make a film and I want to do another voiceover

In order to achieve this I am going to do either a sydney documentary or a podcast walking tour of an area in Sydney.


I’ll take the photos and capture short amounts of film and then edit them in moviemaker with files being saved and moved using SpinExpress2 which will also be a creative platform before posting onto a live site.


To make the music I have wavepad which allows me to edit music in MP3 format and use samples from http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/ and http://ccmixter.org/freesound/view/media/samples/browseFor the voice I will use a standard studio recording mike and edit this using Audactity.


I have briefly reviewed all of the youtube style hosting sites for posting media. The short list have a * beside them. http://www.ourmedia.org is my favourite and the one I’m likely to use.

http://www.blinkx.tv – online television – over 18 million hours – blimey!!
**http://www.twango.com – looks good, links with TED via pangea day+
* http://www.Blip.tv – relatively serious homemade tv
http://www.BoFunk.com – is junk
http://www.Killsometime.com – funny vids – don’t bother
http://www.Bolt.com – out of business
http://www.Break.com – standard nonsense
http://www.Castpost.com – dead link
http://www.Clipshack.com – standard nonsense
* http://www.Dailymotion.com – has potential
http://www.Dropshots.com – family photo site
http://www.eVideoshare.com – dead link
* http://www.eyespot.com – looks great
http://www.flixya.com – slow, slow, slow
http://www.gofish.com – for children and tweens
http://www.grouper.com – opens as crackle
http://www.ifilm.com – opens as spike – powered by ifilm – tv content
http://www.JuiceCaster.com – youth orientated
http://www.jumpcut.com – standard stuff. looks ok
http://www.lulu.tv / LeechVideo.com – youth orientated – standard tripe
http://www.expertvillage.com/ – how to site
http://www.metacafe.com – looks like utube
http://www.myspace.com – old faithfull
http://www.pixparty.com – dead
http://www.putfile.com – standard guff
http://www.ZippyVideos.com – standard offering
http://www.vsocial.com – good for business
http://www.vmix.com – good for business
http://www.vimeo.com – youth orientated
http://www.vidilife.com – same same
http://www.videoegg.com – good for business
http://www.veoh.com web tv, same same
http://www.stickam.com – streaming tv, youth content
http://www.sharkle.com – same, same
http://www.revver.com – standard junk
http://www.viewdo.com – a how to website
http://www.holylemon.com – funny junk
http://www.theshoutout.com/ – same junk, different day
http://www.zaable.com – good for myspace
http://www.yourkindatv.com – cunny funts tv – awful
http://www.yikers.com/ – junk
http://www.videowebtown.com – paid service
http://videoaddon.com – funtional, not very sexy
http://www.treemo.com – youth content
** http://www.panjea.com – looks amazing
* http://www.ourmedia.org – channels of creativity
http://soapbox.msn.com (Apparently Coming Soon)
* http://www.motionbox.com – good looking site, consider – full site is paid for
http://www.imageevent.com – paid service
http://www.myheavy.com/videos.php – looks good, consider
http://www.fliqz.com – interesting for business
http://www.guba.com/home_free – standard content – slightly better than others
http://www.fark.com/video – could be interesting, varied content
http://www.brightcove.com – good for business
http://www.addictingclips.com – part of atom films – youth content

ViralVideoFever.com Teaches you how to make your own viral videos.

I want…the only way to get hit by lightening is to go walking in thunderstorms

I’ve asked the universe for a series of things that ‘I want’. These range from uneccesary items like cars to fulfilling deep held desires, such as creating a film, doing more creative work and doing a voiceover. Now, assuming that a hand doesn’t reach through a cloud and pass it to me I will have to make these things happen for myself. For each of the ”I want” items I am going to track my progress as to how I go about achieving these…

I want to shake, shake, shake, the ketchup bottle, first a little and then a lottle

I want the world…and some toast

I want to talk about film with someone who knows…

I want to find a treasure map and go on an adventure

I want to be the voice of a cartoon character

I want to do a documentary about Sydney’s odd characters

I want, to want, to read more classic books