Sydney Art – Strange Life at Blank Space, Surry Hills


Sydney art – gypsy taylor at blank space


Sydney Art – Cupco is God



Tomorrow night there is the opening of Cupco is God at the Damien Minton Gallery in Redfern. Over 50 new hand-made Ultra-Orthodox Dolls! Could be great, could be Barbies worst nightmare. One to check out.

Sydney Art – Paddington Galleries

colour wheel


All I want is pop/street art, some inventive sculpture and contemporary pictures that tell me a story. I’m a philistine I’m sure, but I know what I like.


I made it around 22 Paddington Galleries on Saturday and I was rather disappointed that the general standard seemed to strive for traditionalist values. There was relatively little to shake up the senses which I was genuinely surprised by as I had expected that with an area as vibrant as Paddington I’d be spoilt for choice. Having said this, every gallery had something of interest, even if it was just the eccentric owner or the promise of future artists that would suit my palette, if you’ll excuse the pun. Perhaps it’s the volume of galleries that means they take what they’re given, the best of the bunch as far as they’re concerned. If this is so, then there’s a great opportunity to persuade some of these galleries to take a chance with something just a little bit different. I’d like them to take a leaf out of the MCA’s book and push things forward but at the same time sell affordable work that is accessible. It may sound like I’m just moaning or wanting my cake and eating it too but I’d seen enough pictures of birds and kangaroos to last a lifetime.


Personal favourites were the Blender Gallery for its lomo shop, the Stills Gallery for some really interesting photography, Sullivan & Strumpf as posted and the Sherman Galleries.

Sydney Art – Hip Pop at United Galleries


A gem of an exhibition is being held at United Galleries entitled Hip Pop which is supporting Father Riley’s Youth off the Streets. You can contact Phil Waller from the Gallery at Particularly interesting are works by Jane Fontane and Simon Lovelace (picture of artist shown above)

Sydney Art – Matt Calvert – with my little eye


Beautifully created glass sculptures that remind me of Enid Blyton and carefree days. Constructed using toughened glass, shattered and re-built. There is a poignant story behind his thought process which you should discover for yourself. 

Sullivan & Strumf – 44 Gurner Street, Paddington

My Sydney Now


My Sydney now invites you to add your photograph to the online exhibition through the community and photo-sharing website Flickr. The competition runs until 15 February 2008.

In the final months of the exhibition 20 finalists will be exhibited on a screen at the Museum of Sydney and the first three winning images chosen by the judges will also be made as prints to hang at the Museum of Sydney.

How to enter

1. Take a photo Go along to the exhibition Sydney Now to see the standard

2. Create a Flickr account.

3. Join the MySydneyNow Flickr group. Once you have a Flickr account, join Flickr group MySydneyNow

4. Upload your photo Add your photo to the MySydneyNow Flickr group through your browser, by email or in a number of other ways. Photos must be uploaded in jpg format, at least 1024 pixels on the longest side. If you become a finalist they’ll contact you to get a high res version for printing, preferably at A2 size (7016 x 4961).

5. Tag your photo Tag your photo with ‘MySydneyNow’ and add it to the map.

6. Fill in the entry form 

Easy as that…