Sydney Water – water saving kit


Visit the site below for a water saving kit from Sydney water. Ever drop counts!

Sydney Water is offering a free Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Water Saving Kit to every household in Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. Save up to $50 a year on your water and energy bills by completing the online registration to receive your Free DIY Water Saving Kit.

It’s as easy as one, two, three…

Step One
Register by completing the online registration. Sydney Water will then send your free kit.

Step Two
When you receive the kit please complete the accompanying application form and return it to us in the reply paid envelope provided.

Step Three
Follow the easy instructions and install:

  • Aerators, which are small devices that fit into your bathroom and kitchen taps.
  • Flow regulators, which are small devices that fit into your showerhead.(The kit is not suitable for houses with gravity fed or older instantaneous hot water systems. If in doubt, contact your hot water supplier).