Stop smoking – the benefits over time

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When you give up smoking, your body starts going through good changes right away! Let’s take a quick look at some changes based on information from the American Cancer Society.


20 minutes

  • Your blood pressure drops to a normal rate for you.
  • The temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.

8 hours

  • The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal.
  • The oxygen level in your blood goes up to normal.

24 hours

  • Your chance of a heart attack goes down.

48 hours

  • Nerve endings start re-growing.
  • Ability to smell and taste begins to improve.

2 weeks to 3 months

  • Your circulation improves.
  • Walking gets easier.
  • Your lungs perform up to 30 percent better.

1 to 9 months

  • There’s less coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness, and shortness of breath.
  • Cilia (tiny hairs) re-grow in your lungs to better handle mucous, clean your lungs, and reduce infection.

1 year after quitting

  • Your extra risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker’s.

5 to 15 years

  • Your stroke risk goes down to that of a nonsmoker.

10 years after quitting

  • The lung cancer death rate is about half that of a person who still smokes.
  • Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas goes down.

15 years after quitting

  • Your risk of coronary heart disease is that of a nonsmoker’s.