Jameson Films – idea two


Film Competiton – Idea Two 

Deep beneath the city is an old river, older than memory, it is memory. 

Story focuses on a small group of urban explorers. This group find their way into  places that they’re not meant to be. A montage of shots establishes that they know what they’re doing. During an urban exploration trip they find a cave-in and a crystal clear river running through a small cave.

Urban explorer [John] drinks from the river and within minutes is doubled up in pain. The pain stops as quickly as it arrives and Jane reaches to lift him. When they touch there is an invisible exchange, hands clasp and they are pushed away from each other. John has absorbed all of Jane’s thoughts and memory, leaving her with no memory.  

In secret, John gathers memories (we get flashbacks into their lives), leaving a trail of memory-less people in his wake until he touches a severely disabled man (like Stephen Hawkins) on a tube who has the most extraordinary mind but is unable to communicate it. He takes on all of his memory and tells the world his secret gift; he is kidnapped, experimented on and ultimately left in a cell to go insane. 


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