Say no to plastic bags



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  1. Great picture. I saw the same one at as I was cruising around looking at “green” blogs. To all those who say that plastic bags are not a problem I say, WAKE UP! You’re right, plastic bags aren’t the problem. Gross overuse and wasteful consumption combined with careless disposal of plastic bags IS the problem. So if we can’t count on humans to use them wisely we should stop creating them….

  2. Am happy to see anti plastics campaign gaining momentum around the world.

    You may want to view and use a presentation made by me on the same topic and which has gained good momentum around the world.

    The link to the same is
    also I’ve uploaded it as video file on you tube: from where you could get the file linked to or downloaded and uploaded on your site.

    If you wish to embed it on your site please do that using the following url code

    Thank you.

    With kind regards,


  3. Hi I am boycotting disposable plastic products and sourcing biodegradable alternatives cos I hate what plastic is doing to the environment. I have a summer special featuring photos of plastic washed up on the beaches – its nasty – Next month I will present some solutions so thanks for the link – see for more

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