The Ivy, Sydney


Have you ever seen

A smile from an Ivy patron?

Do the staff merely grimace

When you call your order out?

Do you feel like just another

Sheep in dirty wool?

To spend 150 million dollars

and to end up looking like a fool

or cool

depending on which side of the street your standing

if you get my drift

4 Responses

  1. – Our table booked at the Mad Cow Grill at the Ivy wasn’t ready, so we were asked if we wanted to order a drink and wait at the bar. And the we were asked if we wanted to eat at the bar. No – we booked a table.
    It’s not on to take a booking for a certain time and it not be ready for over 30mins.

    -When we arrived at this stunning dramatic and trendy drink/eatery, it was so full at around 9pm. Heaps of people. And then at about 11pm when we left it was less people, thinned out a bit. And on the way out what left the sourest taste in my mouth was seeing a bunch of spunky well dressed Asian boys and girls getting turned away. I didn’t hear what the door person used as an excuse, but I don’t see any justification for that type of crowd manipulation. There was no overcrowding factor at that time of night.

  2. I went there with some work colleagues from dinner and after one drink was asked to leave, saying that some confusion over setting up a bar tab meant that I was intoxicated. I clearly was not and demonstrated this fact (calmly) but the staff would not back down. This lack of maturity and profesisonalism means that I can never hold another business dinner or meeting there, as I cannot take the risk that this might happen again. Such a thing in front of important overseas (esp asian) clients would be disasterous and I warn all other business people to be wary.

  3. Elizabeth, the reason they asked you to leave is because at the time they were on an extremely strict liquor license form the city. They have to remove anyone who even looks intoxicated or the $150,000,000 dream will just be an empty space.

    I too have been asked to leave before, instead of putting up a huge fight I just calmly asked to speak with the bar manager. To him I explained I was there on business and being removed would be disastrous, I asked him to arrange for some bread rolls from one of the restaurants and made a deal to only drink soda water for the rest of the evening. They want your business, just explain the situation and they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

  4. Sydfish, I always see a smile from Ivy patrons. But that’s because I give a smile first.

    A friend of mine(gorgeous blond) was ejected by Ivy bouncers because they believed she was intoxicated. The evidence was that she entered the men’s room.

    Was she really drunk? Hell yes, she couldn’t even remember asking me to play 3some with her and her boyfriend when I mentioned it the next day.

    Did we do it? Well no, because I wasn’t drunk : P

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