Surry Hills Market


When and Where:

First Saturday of every month, at the corner of Crown and Collins Sts, Surry Hills, in Shannon Reserve, regardless of weather. Additional Market dates are sometimes scheduled. In wet weather, the market may be restricted to the paved area.

Future Market Dates

 5 April 2008 §    3 May 2008 §    7 June 2008 §    5 July 2008 §    2 August 2008 §    6 September 2008 §    4 October 2008 §    1 November 2008 §    6 December 2008


The Markets have been an integral part of the Surry Hills community since 1981. In response to community consultations, the Markets were set up to trade in recycled, second hand or hand made goods, distinguishing them from other community markets.The original concept was to offer a focus for Surry Hills which was experiencing rapid changes in local population, and to provide an opportunity for local & other low-income earners to make additional money. Over the years, Surry Hills has continued to be ever-changing, and the Market now provides an opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the unique diversity of our area. A visit to the Market, either as a buyer or seller, is a reminder that the notion of a community market is still viable in the rapidly changing inner-city environment.The Market Co-ordinator, Leeanne, is an employee of the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre.

What is done with the Fees?

These are collected by the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre & are injected back into the community by assisting to cover the unfunded costs of Childcare Services, our Multicultural Program and other community outreach projects.

Want Further Information?

Please contact the Market Coordinator on 0424-735 081, or alternatively, ring the Centre on 02-9310 2888.

Information for Stallholders

New Information

§    From 3 June 2007, a new fee table is effective (see below) §    There will be no concessional rates – all stallholders pay the full fee §    Trestle tables will no longer be available due to insufficient demand. §    Procedures in the event of rain have changed (see below) §    To protect the Council’s investment in the park surface, stallholders on the grassed area must provide protective flooring. §    The temporary office for the markets is at the Salvation Army Oasis Centre (NW corner of Foveaux and Crown Sts).

Permanent Stallholders

§    There is a maximum of 40 permanent stallholders §    There is a waiting list (maintained by the Coordinator) to become a permanent stallholder §    Permanents pre-pay for their monthly stall in advance: no cancellations are accepted. §    Payment must be by EFTPOS or postal order: refusal will have permanent stallholder status revoked. §    These payments must be made in the office by 11:00am on Market day, for the following month. §    Permanents must provide copies of current Public Liability insurance certificates. §    Permanents must be on site by 8:30am, otherwise their space will be allocated to a casual for the day, and no refund will be payable, and the payment for next month is still due.

Casual Stallholders

§    Casual stall spaces are booked by telephoning the Market Coordinator on 0424-735 081 from 6:00pm on the Thursday in the week prior to the Market (i.e. 10 days before the Market day). Spaces are allocated on a first come – first served basis §    No bookings are taken for casual stalls at other times §    Payment for casual stalls must be made in the office on the morning of the market, before allocation of the space §    The preferred method of payment for casuals is EFTPOS or postal order §    Casuals must provide copies of Public Liability insurance certificate. If no insurance, casuals must pay $15 to be covered by the SHNC policy for the day §    Casual stallholders may apply to be placed on the waiting list for permanent stallholders

Conditions for all Stallholders

§    All stallholders indicate their acceptance of these conditions by making a booking at the Market. §    Goods sold must be hand made, recycled or second hand §    No stalls allowed in the soft-fall area of the childrens’ playground §    No vehicles are allowed to enter the grassed area of Shannon Reserve §    Handbills shall not be distributed in the Market area §    Market activity must be contained within the Reserve, and must not extend onto the footpaths surrounding it §    No amplified music is permitted §    No unsilenced generators are permitted §    No alcohol shall be sold §    Stallholders on the grassed area must provide flooring to protect the grass. Suitable matting can be purchased from most $2 Shops §    Stallholders must remove their own rubbish §    Stallholders must pack up and vacate the area by 4:00pm on each Market day §    Stallholders who do not comply with all requirements may be banned from future markets. Detailed terms and conditions for stallholders can be downloaded (29kB .PDF file) by clicking here.

Food Stalls

Sale of food shall comply with the provisions of the 1989 Food Act and with Council’s regulations for Temporary Food Premises and will meet the requirements of the Health and Community Services Dept. In particular, food stallholders must obtain a permit from the City of Sydney Council for the day of the Market.

Stallholders’ Fees

Space Only Space Only Extra Public Liability Insurance
Food Stalls Other Stalls Fete Stall Hire Casuals only
$110.00 $60.00 $110.00 $15.00

Wet Weather Policy

The Surry Hills Markets are never cancelled due to weather. At the discretion of the Market Coordinator or the City of Sydney, a wet market may be restricted to the paved area to protect the grass, but the market will proceed.Permanent stallholders, who pay in advance, will receive no refund if they do not attend a market because of bad weather (or for any other reason). If they do not attend, then at the next market, the payment due from them will be for two markets


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