Dictionary of Sydney


What is the Dictionary of Sydney?

If it happened in Sydney, it belongs in the Dictionary

The Dictionary will represent Sydney’s story online as one of the windows into the permanent historical digital repository we are building. The Dictionary website will be a forum for public discussion and controversy, an aide to teaching and learning, and a source of information and entertainment. Innovative in technology because it has been born digital, the Dictionary of Sydney will be like no other city encyclopaedia in the world.

It will contain…

Dreamings, habitats, suburbs, houses, beaches, bridges, crimes, speeches, urban myths, characters, political players, artists, intellectuals, sports people, protests, communities – anyone and everything that has contributed to the history of the place we now call Sydney. The Dictionary’s materials will include:

  •  thematic essays from noted experts
  •  interesting pieces on well known and unlikely topics
  •  entries on people, events, organisations and places
  • stories and images from our readers and volunteers
  • oral histories, photographs and artistic representations
  • material about important documents and artefacts
  • sound and moving images.

All of these will be richly contextualised and mapped in space and time, connecting to and through each other to form the overall picture. 


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