Stop Smoking – Good advice

monkey smoker

Why is it difficult to quit? The nicotine in tobacco smoke causes both physical and psychological dependence. This is a complex form of addiction as you will have a strong desire to smoke, even if you wish to stop. Smokers often continue smoking because they experience unpleasant withdrawal effects when they stop, including irritability, difficulty concentrating, craving for another cigarette, you may also gain weight as a consequence of giving up (but Q-active is here to prevent that!). Smoking is also a habit – it becomes associated with various emotional occasions, situations and events. For some people, this psychological dependence can be even harder to break than the physical addiction. If you’ve already tried to give up but you’re still smoking, accept that it was all part of the process for you. Trying again is simply a continuation of your original decision to give up. Most people who give up successfully have been through several attempts to quit. 

What do I gain from quitting?

 By stopping smoking, you can improve your health and enjoy a longer, healthier life. You will also save money – a 20-a-day smoker spends around $3,500 a year on cigarettes. As smoking also causes wrinkled, damaged skin, giving up is likely to make you look better and younger too.


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