Christopher Walken on McCock


In a special interview and birthday suprise we asked Christopher Walken, the popular American actor what he thought of Ian McCock, the Sydney based entrepreneur, he replied and we quote:

 “He’s a good guy, he’s the one with the hairy face right, yeah, him, I remember him, he’s how old? 29, fuck man, I remember when I was 29, I did so much coke that day my ass was bleeding. Oh, yeah, McCock, he’s the cat’s whiskers, I mean I wouldn’t want to tickle his balls or anything like that but I’d rub his hairy little chin, sure, he’s a mangle faced fuckpiece but like I said he’s a good guy. I’d buy him a beer, I wouldn’t even piss in it, I mean I’d probably piss just a little, but just enough to add flavour, I’m that kind of guy and he’s the kind of diamond shoe wearing motherfucker who’s into that kind of crazy shit”.

 Thank you Christopher for your beautiful heartfelt words on this very special of days and Happy Birthday from Sydfish.


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