Sydney street art


Scattered around the city you’ll find little pockets of creativity, some good, some poor, just as you would expect. Street/urban/contemporary art has become so fashionable off the back of the Melbourne scene and British artists like Banky or Frenchman Blek le Rat. The question I would ask myself when pouring countless hours into expertly tagging a wall is ‘who is watching? By this I don’t mean just the authorities, but who is your audience? This artistic exhibitionism goes beyond simply marking a territory, it is the artist saying, LOOK AT ME.

 If there is sufficient talent, creative execution and a touch of derring do, then these works could lead towards the fame and riches that have been thrust, I expect rather willingly, onto the likes of Banksy. What we now need is someone to step forward and carve out a new niche, taking the concept to the next level and innovating rather than immitating. If you want to live in a city that looks like Melbourne then I suggest you grab an umbrella and move there. Sydney needs its own creative explosion and I’m looking for that fuse…

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